In October I started an online Residency at VIRTUAL SPAR, St. Petersburg Art Residency. I’m currently writing a series of essays about my work during 2020.

The Inside of the Outside of the Inside – Drawings and Etchings

During my time at the “Cranach Stipendium”, as residency artist in Wittenberg this summer, I worked on two projects:

The “Two Sides” project described above and a project, in which referred to the place I stayed at:

Nina Annabelle Märkl_work in progress 2, 2020 Nina Annabelle Märkl_work in progress 3, 2020 Nina Annabelle Märkl_work in progress 1, 2020


A residency stipend experience always contains a mixture of different dimensions.

The first dimension is the reflection of the things I take with me, as a starting point and an inner concept – it’s the own world inside.

The second dimension is what I find. There can be preparation through research, but the original encounter is something absolutely different. It requires awareness – it’s the world outside.

The third dimension could be described as a synthesis between the inside and the outside, the space which is created out of the things I brought and the things I found. It is a new space of perception opening up and each of these new spaces is unique and precious.

The work I developed is a work about this connection of different spheres.

It consists of a series of drawings and prints.

The drawings:

  1. In March and in April I drew different grids with pencil on paper. I always filled the whole sheet of paper. I guess this was also to some part lockdown meditation.
  1. In August I translated the grid of the floor at the residency place, the former studio of Lucas Cranach, through drawings and folds into a spatial structure. The studio is the place in which the transformation process of an artwork take place. I decided to work with the ephemeral structures of the floor and translate them into possible spaces, somehow to give shape to the invisible components of the material space I physically moved in.
  1. I transferred that spatial structure onto the grids. In a third step I combined both layers with drawings of   abstract sculptural constellations which I drew and photographed during my walks in Wittenberg: Coincidental findings, drapery, fragmented things which unintendedly looked like parts of installations.

Nina Annabelle Märkl_Drawings_2, 70 x 50 cm, 2020 Nina Annabelle Märkl_Drawings_1, 70 x 50 cm, 2020





































The prints:

  1. I made etchings from the spatial drawings described above.
  2. I combined them with drawings of sculptural findings.
  3. I perforated the paper and added an irregular grid made of spring steel and magnets.

Nina Annabelle Märkl_Etchings_1, 30 x 21 cm, 2020 Nina Annabelle Märkl_Wired etchings and drawings_Detail 2, 65 x 80 x 5 cm, 2020 Nina Annabelle Märkl_Wired etchings and drawings_2, 65 x 80 x 5 cm, 2020 Nina Annabelle Märkl_Wired etchings and drawings_1, 65 x 80 x 5 cm, 2020 Nina Annabelle Märkl_Wired etchings and drawings_Detail1, 65 x 80 x 5 cm, 2020





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